Download BitLife MOD APK v3.11.10 (Bitizenship, God Mode, Time Machine)

BitLife is a fun game where you can make up a life story for a character. Starting as a baby, you make choices that decide what happens next in your character’s life. Will you go to school, what kind of job will you get, and who will you be friends with? Every choice changes your character’s story.

In the special version 3.11.8 of BitLife, you get extra cool stuff. There’s Bitizenship, which gives you more things to do in the game. God Mode lets you change your character’s story however you want. And with the Time Machine, you can go back and change the choices you made before. This means you can try different paths and see what happens!

Additional Information

  • Name: BitLife
  • Function: Text life simulator
  • Specialty: Make life choices, shape your story
  • Android Requirement: 6.0 and up
  • App Size: 179 MB
  • Current Version: 3.11.10 (Updated on Nov 28, 2023)
  • Price: In-app purchases ($0.99 – $19.99)
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+
  • Age Rating: Mature 17+
  • Performance: Smooth Works on your device with no viruses.

MOD features: Bitizenship, God Mode, Time Machine


  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot

Download BitLife MOD APK v3.11.10

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How does Bit Life work?

In Bit Life, a player can control one or more characters from infancy to old age. Throughout the game, the player will need to manage four statistics: happiness, health, smarts, and looks.

How do I live for a long time in BitLife?

Players often want to know the tricks to live longer in the game. This involves making healthy choices for your character, like going to the gym, avoiding drugs, and maintaining a good diet.

What should I do if Bit Life crashes when I start it?

If Bit Life crashes upon loading, it’s usually a technical issue. Updating the app or your device’s operating system can often fix this problem​.

What happens to inheritance in BitLife if an only child does something bad to their parents?

Inheritance scenarios, like what happens if an only child harms their parents, are part of the game’s complex life simulation. Your actions in the game can affect inheritance and other outcomes​.

Can I choose participants in certain activities in the Game?

The game allows you to make various choices, including who to involve in personal activities and relationships, showcasing its detailed simulation​.

How can I fix lag in the game?

Lagging in the game can be addressed by ensuring your device has sufficient memory, closing other apps running in the background, or updating the Bit life app​

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